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Equine-Assisted Learning Youth Program
Hooves of Hope Equine-Assisted Learning Youth Program provides youth in the community with an alternative educational based program that encourages self-growth, character development, and responsibility through equine-assisted activities and learning. The goal is to increase individuals' social skills by working with others, team building, conflict resolution, encourage responsibility by learning correct horse husbandry skills, educate individuals about horse behavior, care, and training, promote leadership and cohesiveness by practicing decision making and relations with their peers, and develop healthy outlet for emotions and personal development by journaling and group discussion time.

 All sessions offered are done in a confidential atmosphere that respects individuals’ privacy.

If interested, or if you know anyone that would benefit from this form of equine-assisted therapy, please


Making an Impact

“My child showed excitement about the days he came here. He doesn’t get excited about a lot.”

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