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Donate Your Horse to Hooves of Hope

At Hooves of Hope, we understand and respect the love and care that you have for your horse. We also understand the life-changing impact that horses can have on each of our participants and greatly appreciate you considering donating your horse to be used in our programs. Our donation process is simple, just follow the guidelines below:

Step 1

Review the Guidelines for Horse Donation to make sure your horse meets our requirements for consideration. Contact our Director or Equine Manager by calling (859) 792-8938 or email Please have your horse's age, height, medical condition, and general life experiences ready to discuss.

Step 2
Obtain a Horse Free Lease/Donation Application by emailing Complete this application to send back to us along with conformation pictures and a video of the horse being ridden to be reviewed by the Director and Equine Manager.

Step 3

After the application is reviewed, if Hooves of Hope is interested in the horse, a visit will be planned to evaluate the horse. This visit will include groundwork, riding, possible obstacle work, and assessing the disposition of the horse.

Step 4

If Hooves of Hope decides we would like to take the horse for a 90-day trial we will send a Free Lease/Donation Agreement to the owner and terms will be discussed. Once the Free Lease/ Donation Agreement is completed horse transfer will be arranged and the 90-day trial period will begin.

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