Bud is a 23-year-old Haflinger gelding. He a very sweet boy who loves his job pulling our wagon with his best pal, Spud, in our Therapeutic Driving program.


Ellie is a 13-year-old Rocky Mountain Horse mare. She is a very pretty laid back girl who participates in our Therapeutic Riding Program, EAGALA Therapy Program, and Operation Hope Veterans Program.

Need  a Sponsor(s) for 2021.


Bristol is an 12-year old Appaloosa mare. Her engaging personality and explorative spirit make her a great fit for our independent riders in our Therapeutic Riding Program.

Sponsored by the VFW Auxiliary Post 3634 of Danville 


Spud is a 26-year-old Haflinger gelding that is best pals with Bud. Together they enjoy pulling our wagon for our Therapeutic Driving program.

Needs a Sponsor(s) for 2021.


Teeka is a 14-year-old Welsh Cob Pony mare. Teeka is an excellent mount for independent riders and participates in our Operation Hope Veterans Program and the Therapeutic Riding Program.

Sponsored by The Mills Family and 

an anonymous family


Gavin is an 9-year old Percheron/Thoroughbred cross gelding. Gavin loves being loved on and is used in our EAGALA Program. 

Needs a Sponsor for 2021


Max is a 23 year old Pony of the Americas. He is a sweet horse who participates in our Therapeutic Riding Program and Youth Program

Sponsored by the McKenzie Family for 2021 !!


Reggie is a 17-year-old Belgian gelding. Reggie is the largest horse at Hooves of Hope. This gentle giant participate in the EAGALA program.

Needs a Sponsor(s) for 2021.


Libby is a 1-year-old Miniature Horse. Libby loves attention, and is in training to be a certified therapy horse so that she can visit schools, nursing homes, day centers, and hospitals. Currently, she participates in our EAGALA Program and goes out on community visits!

Needs a Sponsor(s) for 2021.

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